Small Business IT Productivity – How To Get Your Email On The Move

Your mate down the pub gets a gooseberry, or was that a blueberry? Then you remember, it’s a blackberry!

So you rush down to the shop to get one. They’re really cool. David Beckham has one! It’s a mobile phone that also lets you send and receive email.

Now you want your email set up. But discover you can’t have your office email delivered to it. Instead, it has to be forwarded to a wacky new email address.

And then, you were out last week and emailed a client. But it isn’t in your sent items. It’s on what has now become most definitely a gooseberry.

Now people are emailing you on your gooseberry and your normal office address. It’s becoming a bit confusing!

And you also find you’re keeping your diary on your gooseberry as well as in your calendar on your PC at work. You have to keep cross-referencing both your email and your calandar.

So you go and ask your IT people about getting your Blackberry working with your proper email address. It turns out you need a Blackberry file server. And a ton of expensive software.

If You Haven’t Bought One Yet There Is Some Good News

You don’t need any of that hassle. While Blackberry are streets ahead in the marketing game and loss-leading deals to make you buy one, the total cost of ownership of a Windows-based device begins to make more sense. And if you have any problems you can contact 880 Saskatoon Computer repair and they can help you fix and resolve and software bugs.

They’re not as heavily discounted up-front. But they are sigificantly cheaper to run. Over a 3 year period, research suggests your Microsoft-based solution is between 15 and 24% cheaper.

Most small businesses already have the software running at the office to hook up a Windows mobile device within a few minutes.

Your email will come in to your inbox at your desk AND on your mobile. When you’re out and about and email someone, it is also stored in your sent items back at the office.

And your calendar stays synchronised so the confusion is ended.

The Windows Mobile solution also gives you a mini-version of Word, Excel and now PowerPoint. So you can open attachments, PDFs etc.

I wouldn’t advise writing a novel or a long document on them, but it is possible. What’s more useful is being able to open a document or spreadsheet, make the odd change, and email it on.

So What Do You Buy?

This is down to personal taste. You may want one which can slip into a hand-bag or trouser pocket easily. Or you may prefer one with a proper keyboard. Whatever your personal taste, they now come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Some are similar to a Blackberry. While others are smaller with touch screens and hand-writing recognition. Others look like mini-laptops with side-sliding or swivel/fold keyboards.

We Don’t Supply Them, But Here’s What To Do

Check out a few sites, and in the UK, check out the Microsoft Mobile Device site as a starting point.

From that, check out the various devices. When you find one you want, make sure you talk to the mobile provider about tariffs. Apart from a call tariff, you will also need a fixed data tariff.

The beauty of email on the move is that you do not pay for the time you are connected, but for the amount of data you transfer. You can get some very competitive tariffs on data, and unless you are a prolific emailer, you will only pay a few pounds a month.

Speak to your IT guy or the company that supports you for advice on what to buy – preferably before you sign your contract! Once you have the mobile you want, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to have it up and running.

Now, you can take that holiday you wanted knowing you can keep on top of important emails in your absense. And if you want, reply to them!

I’ve had client successful use them all over the world. I’ve had favourable reports about cost and coverage when used in Hong Kong, USA, the Caribean and most of Europe.

Don’t be a gooseberry! Choose a device for it’s practicality and total cost of ownership – not it’s looks or to follow a trend!

Plain English Support Agreement

There is no small print. In fact I have used nice chunky fonts and kept it to 2 pages of A4 with lots of white space!

No lawyers have helped me draft it. It’s plain-speaking, jargon-free and to the point.

Want to see a copy? Click this – IT support contract.

“How good are you? I’ve had my fingers burnt by IT companies in the past”

A very good question! And one that requires honesty.

We’ve tried complicated agreements which promise a response within so many hours or minutes. It’s just impossible to guarantee it every time.

If you don’t want false promises and prefer realism though you’ve come to the right place.

Something like BT cutting through a cable in a section of the city can cause a dozen phone calls one after the other.

Or Microsoft releases an automatic update overnight which freezes dozens of PCs. Then if we need to, we hit up the saskatoon computer repair experts.

To keep support costs reasonable, we can’t have an extra two or three engineers sat around waiting for those rare disasters.

We may go over the speed limit a tad, but we do tend to pull out all the stops and work late to make sure back-logs don’t stick around for much more than a day.

We want to do our best for you, so it’s far better if we work in partnership and build a trusting relationship like we have with clients who have been with us for years.

If your file server has crashed, we’ll jump in the car and be there as fast as we can.

If however your mouse is broke, but you have a spare in the drawer, please use another until we can get there.

If you have a few problems which aren’t stopping you working, save them up, and we’ll sort them in one visit.

Remote support – quicker than a trip to your desk

Sometimes, your request is just so urgent, you can’t wait for an engineer to get in the car to reach you. It will be too late, because you need help and very fast

That’s why you can also have an engineer “virtually” at your desk within a few seconds.

Your PC is remotely controlled from our office so you don’t even have to figure out how to explain the problem, because we can take over your screen and see it for ourselves.

You can even watch as we fix it. Either you or the engineer can use the keyboard and mouse as we get to the bottom of the problem.

Stopping problems happening in the first place

You’ve heard the phrase “prevention is better than a cure”.

It is perhaps more important in IT. That’s why we conduct a thorough health check regularly to make sure:

Your files are being backed up so you can recover files in the event of a disaster – in fact testing that we can restore them too.
Security. Is your file server and PCs stopping hackers by keeping themselves up to date?
How is spam affecting you? It’s doubled roughly every 6 weeks for the last year, so is it now getting beyond a nuisance?
Do you have enough space to store your files or will you soon run out?
Do viruses and spyware have a route through to knock out your IT? In other words, is your anti-virus working, updating itself against the latest threats etc?
In short everything we need to do to make sure your IT is working effectively

A chance to talk about your IT concerns away from the daily distractions

You get to see us up to 4 times a year to talk through how the service is working.

This gives you a forum to raise any issues, and if you have had challenges, a chance to tell us about it in more detail than we usually have time to in the daily cut and thrust of focusing on the fixes.

We don’t supply equipment directly, but we do keep abreast of developments which can either save you money or help you grow your business.

So it’s also a good chance to hear about the latest developments in IT which your rivals are undoubtedly using to save themselves time and money.

Flexible working to increase your productivity while reducing your stress

For example, many clients like to be able to work from home. We can show you how to set up your home and work PC so that you can log onto it from home and see exactly the same screen that you would in the office.

This means you can go home earlier to get away from distractions.

Or instead of staying late in the office, go home, spend a little time with the family and perhaps finish off your work later when the kids have gone to bed.

Or deadlines to meet? But when you’re in the office the “noise”, distractions from colleagues and the phone increase your stress levels and stops you focusing on the matter in hand.

Instead, escape the rush hour drive, and the chore of making yourself presentable in the morning.

You simply wake up, make a cup of tea, don your slippers, fire up your PC and you’re in the office in less than a minute.

You’re free to get on with your work without the distractions. Every single client who has experienced this has reported their productivity rockets when they’re working from home.

And don’t worry, ignore the people who say it will wreck your work/life balance. When handled correctly it actually improves it because you have choice.

Long gone are the days when people used to think staff would use it to skive or watch Richard and Judy instead.

Generally, staff are honoured that you trust them and don’t abuse it. In every case I’ve seen, both the business and the employee are winners.

Working on the move

Too many clients rush out and buy a phone because their mate down the pub shows them a gizmo that can send and receive their work email using their office address.

Again, we don’t supply them, but we can plumb them in.

Please tell us you want this ability before you sign a 12 month contract for the wrong phone! Buying the right phone can save you a fortune.

The right one can work straight out of the box without any further purchases such as software or specialist file servers.

Like the equivalent of union rep when dealing with others?

There’s a whole host of people you have to deal with about IT matters.

Just think about it for a minute:

Website companies
Domain hosting companies (the people you pay for web-site registration and keeping your email working)
Telephone companies- the lines between IT companies and telephone systems companies are blurring as they begin to step into each other’s territory
Telephone and data cabling companies
Specialist software providers
Accounting software
Printer and photocopier companies
Mobile phone and blackberry-style devices
PC and file server suppliers
Digital dictation equipment
…and the list goes on

Small Business Computer Headaches Cured – All Under One Roof

Support, IT Projects, Strategy, Advice, What to Buy – You Get On With Your Job, While We Take Care Of Your IT

From having an engineer taking control of your PC and fixing it while you’re on the phone, through to looking at how IT fits into your plans for your business, you have found the answer to your prayers.

If you have 2, 20, 40, 60 or more computers in your business, you can be sure we can fit right into your budget. From as little as £2.96 per day, you can have a fully functional IT department on hand to support and advise on any IT issue.

Based in Liverpool City Centre, we have a team of remote and field engineers, ready to tackle any challenge you can throw at us and our website url.
Day-To-Day IT Support

It’s like having your very own IT department, on tap to solve your problems as they happen, together with the strategy and advice you need to grow your business.

And all this without the cost of employing anyone.

In fact you pay just a fraction of the cost of employing a geek. More…
No contract, cancel at any time, your money-back if not happy, and other extras

Take our advice, use the engineers to put things right when they stop working, for a full 3 months, knowing you can have all of your money back if you aren’t happy for any reason.

And you control how long you stay with us anyway.

We want to keep you as a client long-term. So giving you this flexibility proves our commitment to keeping you happy. See our Support Contract here …
Got an IT project and just want it sorting so you can get on with your job?

Constantly frustrated by your network letting you down? Email vanishing, not getting delivered?

Just want it sorting?

Having installed and supported hundreds of small business networks, your challenges are nothing new to us. More information for free
How can you be sure you’re going to get good service?

Quite simply because we put our neck on the block each month we ask you to rate us.

You’re asked to supply us with a one-word answer to an email we send you each month. A simple rating:

Red – We were poor

Amber – Good, but could improve

Green – Excellent

Any time we get anything other than “green”, your issues that month are looked at in detail.
You can rest assured that we constantly look at ways of tightening our systems, and investigate how we can put right anything that could be improved.

Thankfully, over 95% of our clients are satisfied each month, but the 5% is our next target!